First Shoes!

Isla has recently started “cruising”, one of my Mummy friends had gotten her son a paid of shoes, which got me thinking about getting Isla’s feet measured.

Luckily, my house has carpets, which means she isn’t slipping around with her socks on, however, when we go to Nanna’s house or to child friendly cafes, she is sliding about like an first time ice skater!

I decided to take her to Clark’s to get her feet measured, they are probably the most well known shoe shop in the U.K. and are also thought very highly of when it comes to measuring children’s feet. I took her down to our local Clark’s on Saturday after going to the park (oh, I wish we had her shoes while we were at the park, her socks got scruffy!). The staff member was so good with Isla, I asked if I could get a photo as it was the first time getting her feet measured. She had no problem with it, and said people ask all the time!

Child first shoes

I didn’t actually plan on buying a pair of shoes while I was in the store, my plan was to buy a pair off the clearance website.

I fell in love with a pair of burgundy pre-walker shoes, which I decided to buy for Isla. They were £26, which I think it a rip off for such a tiny pair of shoes. I will probably not be buying shoes from Clark’s again, but for her first pair, I didn’t mind paying so much.

Baby first shoes pre-walker Clark’s

She doesn’t wear her shoes in our house as I am a firm believer that the best way to learn to walk is without shoes as it is natural. She wears them when we go out or to visit family.

Baby first shoes pre-walker Clark’s

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